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File Compare And Hash extension for Windows explorer tool


This project will add a shell extension for windows explorer allowing for easy binary or text file comparison
as well as calculating the MD5, SHA1, SHA256 from the selected files.

This tool was designed for maximum of convenience in mind for these scenarios:
  • To compare 2 text files you highlight them, right click on the selection and from the pop up menu navigate to "Compare&Hash"->"Compare text files...".
  • If all files to be hashed were in the same folder, you can select them, right click and choose the hashing algorithm. A message box with the selected files and their respective hashes will appear as seen below.

*If only one file was selected, then you would have the option to copy the specific hash to the clipboard.

  • When the files to compare are in different directories, select the first file, right click on it and select "Binary/TextCompare with...". A file dialog will appear in order to select the file to compare to. Select the second file and click "Open".
Depending on your selection, a message box will show the text differences or will show you if the files were identical.
You have to option to continue to check the differences between the selected files like size, modified time or calculate specific the hashes on them.


This project reuses a part of the SharpShell source code version 2.2 from Dave Kerr (it was of tremendous help to me), and for text comparison the controls from DeltaScope (a cool UI presentation). You have the whole source code to rebuild my project for this extension and make the installation script, but anything related with SharpShell is present only as binaries.
More detailed information about this project and its inner working can be found on codeproject.

The release download consists of a zip with an install/uninstall script for your convenience that contains only binaries.

You can support this project by donating using PayPal.

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